Wanderlust (and sometimes a little lost)

Disrupting the routine life has always been medicine for my soul. There is something refreshing about pausing the normal life of work and study to wander. There is something rejuvenating about getting a little lost and having to just figure it out.
This morning at 6:48 I left on a train from Poprad, Slovakia to figure out a way to Krakow, Poland. Although the two cities are just a couple hours apart, there was no transportation that connects the two. I wasn’t entirely sure the best way to get to Krakow, but there seemed to be a connection from a town in the Czech Republic (which is in the opposite direction). To make matters a little more complicated, I had not booked any accommodation in Krakow so arriving late in the night would not be the most convenient. While on the train I noticed on the company map that they have a bus to Krakow from a town before my intended destination of Ostrava. I decided that maybe this could be a better option. Once I arrived in Bohumin, Czech Republic I thought it wouldn’t be so complicated. I walked out of the station and found a bus that was about to depart, unfortunately not to Krakow. The company did not have a ticket booth and the bus attended informed me that I needed to purchase a ticket online. I had an hour before the next departure for Krakow. I began walking around the town to find a cafe or McDonald’s with wifi. There was neither. There were only two more buses that day to Krakow so I definitely needed to find internet. There was a small restaurant connected to the train station that advertised wifi but my phone (of course) would not connect. 30 minutes until departure. At this point I began wondering if I needed to search for a hotel. There was also one final small shop which advertised wifi. I was finally able to connect and purchase a ticket with fifteen minutes to spare!

Arriving in Krakow, I was still without a room. I knew there are several hotels near the old part of town. I found my way, wandering around and with good signage, to the town center. Fortunately I came across Crakow Hostel right in the center and they had plenty of needs in their dorm!
I would say the day went pretty smoothly which is not always the case when traveling without a plan. I was able to explore a small town in the Czech Republic and still work things out in Krakow.  This wandering around is not part of my daily comfortable routine but I’m thankful for the opportunities I have to just wander.


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