Moments of Hope

It has become difficult for me to watch or read the news without getting a feeling of helplessness. I generally start my morning listening to NPR, sporadically update myself with news throughout the day, and finish with reading election news. I’m not 100% why I have continued to do this because I feel a drop in my mood when I read about another bomb exploding or death of a migrant. Even though I am intentional with taking in as much positive news as I can, it is still difficult to not be impacted with the self-destructive nature of humanity.

The other day, I joined Ben and his brothers at a local city lake to throw bread to the ducks. Being able to remove myself from the daily busyness of life, I was reminded of simple joys. We all were so excited to watch as the ducks, swans, carp, and even turtles gather to be fed. As I sat on the edge of the water, I took a second glance around me. I realized I heard Arabic to my right and Spanish to my left. Several mothers dressed in hijabs were laughing and couldn’t pass bread quick enough to their children. One little boy came over to discuss his game plan for throwing his pieces to the turtle. The kids on the left were jumping up and down cheering on the animals.

I realized it was these small moments that I’m reminded by the goodness in humanity. These moments when we’re reminded that regardless of language, color of skin, or religion that we can live together, in harmony. It is in these instances that I can forget about suicide bombers or immigration law to just enjoy humanity at its finest; knowing that we all just want to live peaceful lives. This is the hope I will continue to hold on to.


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